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ADAM4EVE – is an EU FP7 project that focuses on the development and assessment of applications of adaptive and smart materials and structures in the shipbuilding industry.

Materials and structures are called adaptive if they can change certain properties in a predictable manner due to the forces acting on them (passive) or by means of built in actuators (active). Those materials and structures are referred to as smart if they provide best performance when operation circumstances change.

The main idea of ADAM4EVE is to explore the potentials of adaptive materials and structures in ships and pave the way for industrial application. This will allow ships to react more flexible to changing operational and environmental conditions and thus to operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly, while at least maintaining the safety level. Moreover, the use of smart and intelligent materials will allow offering new functionalities, making ships more attractive to operators and passengers.

The types of materials and structures focused on ADAM4EVE are:

  • adaptable ship hull structures for optimised hydrodynamic properties depending on varying cruise speed
  • smart underwater coatings with antifouling properties in harbour and low resistance during voyage,
  • adaptive materials for noise and vibration damping of ship engines to avoid induction of vibrations into the ship hull and
  • adaptive outfitting materials that improve ships‟ serviceability and safety.

Technical developments in the project:

  • Materials and structures development: Based on available research results and known applications from other industries, adaptive and smart materials and structures will be adopted and further developed in order to make them applicable in the maritime industry.

  • Solution development: Driven by different shipyards, several application case studies will be performed, in order to achieve customised solutions for particular vessel types and their individual requirements. Classification societies will assure that the solutions comply with existing rules and regulations.

  • Enabling and assessment of technologies: This group provides support to the other groups in the field of testing, assessment of safety as well as economical and ecological impact, and advice for production, operation and dismantling. Due to the novelty of the solutions to be pursued, further development of the required validation methods and tools is intended, as well as suggestions for standardisation.

The ADAM4EVE consortium is led by Center of Maritime Technologies and comprises twenty partners in total, representing different sectors: five shipyards and/or yacht builders, seven universities and research organizations experienced in advanced materials’ design, processing and assessment, two classification societies, four companies active in the development of innovative structures and two ship owners.

MEC Insenerilahendused together with Saare Paat concentrates on the climate control in yacht and ship cabins through the application of windows with adaptive optical properties and adaptive coatings to reduce the intake of sunlight and thereby to reduce the energy consumption of the HVAC system. 

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